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Our one-acre farm is located Bozeman, Montana in the foothills of the Gallatin Mountains. We come from generations of farmers and are passing the torch to our children, teaching them about pollinator habitats, life cycles, food production, seed saving, soil health, environmental justice and sustainability. Our farm is a product of hard work, grit, and blind optimism. We are normal people just trying to create a better world for our children and community. We are grateful for your support!


Hey, I’m Adrienne, the head bucket washer around here. I'm a kindergarten teacher and a flower farmer. I love seed saving, crop planning, and arranging with flowers.

I’m Patrick and I’m allergic to flowers. I never expected to return to my farming roots but here I am! I’m a tech-wizard and love to help with the business of running a farm. I also manage the stick manager.

I’m Laila, the stick manager. I have a big bark but my booty wiggle is even bigger. I’m a good girl and never dig in the garden beds.

We are the Little Button babies! We love to play trucks in the dirt, drive around in the gator, and feed the compost worms.

The Flowers

Flower Share

Our weekly flower subscription is the bread and butter of our farm. Money now, flowers later. Share in our bounty and treat yo’self!


DIY buckets are perfect for weddings, family events, business parties, or just-because self-care moments.

Event Florals

Are you looking for arrangements, boutonnieres, or floral crowns? I would love to grow AND create something for you!


Beautify your home, cheer up a friend, or brighten your storefront. Send us a message and request yours today!




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